Area Mission Banners

Below listed are known online mission sets with a link to where they start in the triangle area. Click on the preview for a link to the starting mission.

Cherry Blossoms


Cherry Blossoms mission set is in Historic Oakview Park. Pick a nice day because this is one you have to walk. You will do 4 laps around the park, going all over the field, the walkways and a short bit through the wooded trails. These are point to point missions. Be sure not to hack a portal unless it is the one specified. Otherwise you may have to use a heatsink or come back at a later time. Takes about 3 hours if you do nothing but hack.



Raleigh Skyline

Raleigh Skyline Preview 2

Raleigh Skyline mission set starts in downtown Raleigh at Capital Square. You will walk the surrounding area for the first 6 or so missions. The rest can be driven, though this is one that is meant to be walked. You will be walking all around downtown and it takes about 3 hours to complete if you are just hacking and never stop moving.

Mission 13 has a Blue Moon Variant which is shown in the preview below. If you wish to have the blue moon, be sure to do that mission in place of 13.


Papa Viking

Papa Smurf Mission PreviewPapa Viking mission set is 30 missions that will take you all around North Raleigh. This can be driven and will take about 2.5-3 hours to do depending on traffic.

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